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There are some villages near to Sapa where you can do a homestay. If you have 2, 3 days in Sapa and have a tour guide, the first day you will have a long trek for about 5 or 6 hours along small village trails. Here is some advice and information for your trip

Main Celebrations and Festivals

The dates of the traditional cultural festivals are based on the lunar calendar, which varies from one year to the next, hence these approximate dates. Make enquiries

Sapa Shopping
  You can find throughout Sapa town series of souvenir shops where they show all local people"s products: handicrafts, silvers, wooden things. All products are made by the people in this region
What is TET?
  "Tet" is a word of the Chinese origin and a phonetic transcription of "Tiet", a Sino-Vietnamese term which means "the joint of a bamboo stem" and, in a wider sense, the "beginning" of a meteorological period of the year."
The passage from one period to the next may cause climatic disturbances (heat, rain, mist) that must be exorcised by ritual sacrifices and festivities
Handicrafts in Sapa
  Until the 1980s, most of the mountain populations in Vietnam used to produce nearly all their everyday life objects. Clothes, basketwork, metal and wooden objects, jewellery, pottery, etc. were made locally according to techniques that were often specific to an area or an ethnic group
A message from your host
  We feel honoured by your visit and hope that it will be an opportunity for you to better understand our way of life, habits and culture
Sapa Landscape
  Sapa also known as “Tonkinese Alps”, once was the French Hill Station for its amazing scenery and special climate. Nowadays,  Sapa is a major tourist destination of North Vietnam, not only for its location as a natural starting point for the unique experiences in the mountainous area, on Hoang Lien Son mountain range, but also for its own stunning landscapes.
Sapa Town
  Sapa is located in Lao Cai province (formerly Hoang Lien Son province) in north-west Vietnam. Sapa means "town of sand" (Sa (sand), Pa (town) in Chinese characters).  The town is situated at 1500 meters above sea level. Northern Vietnam was previously known as Tonkin, and the Sapa area was named “Tonkinese Alps” by French.
Hoang Lien National Park
  Hoang Lien National Park, just outside Sapa town, is unique for experiencing nature at close hand. The Park encompasses approximately 30 km2 of scenic mountainous landscape, including Vietnam s highest peak, Fansipan (3143m)
Architectural heritage
  In the Lào Cai province, the buildings of specific architecture fall into two main categories:
- the traditional buildings of the local ethnic groups
- French buildings dating back to the colonial era
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